Photographer Captures Amazing Ukranian Landscapes


Photographer Oleg Gordienko lives in Ukraine, which gives him the perfect opportunity to witness and capture the natural beauty of the region. The photographs are beautiful, the region breathtaking and the photographers skill is so totally impressive.

  • The first train path photo is is a very nice shot being that it is unique.  Something not often seen.  Nothing about the rest of the photos are unique or breathtaking.  

  • I agree that the first photo is the coolest shot. A railway with green trees in surrounding is awesome.

  • Harry

    I disagree!
    When I saw the bench in the forrest pic I totally wanted to be there. The pink tree street too. That’s a sign of a good photographer. He really captured the moment.

  • Junko

    Is this track made of a bamboo? 
    I would like to look at the train which runs this track. 

  • David E. Gates

    Trying to contact Oleg Gordienko to licence one of his pictures as 500px have also been unable to get a response from him. If anyone has a contact email, that would be much appreciated.