Skydrops Concept Collects Fresh Water From The Sky


Skydrops concept by designers Guilherme Rodrigues and Murilo Gomes is a simple device for extracting potable water from the atmosphere and sending it back to the Earth for consumption. The concept employs a helium balloon to go into the sky. As it gains altitude, the wind makes blades on the concept spin, energy from which is used to cool its metallic sheets using peltier cells.

As the air moves through the cold blades, water vapor begins to condense into droplets and is promptly sent down to a reservoir in the ground using a cable. Skydrops could find great use in places with high relative humidity, many of which places ironically also happen to be starved for potable water. Skydrops can fly uninterrupted for about 2 months and generates roughly 50 liters of water a day.

Via YankoDesign