Profane Amounts of Water Go Into Making the Simplest of Products


Fresh water is one of the most important resources on our planet, and one pivotal for our existence. Yet it is no secret that it also happens to be one of the most mindlessly squandered and wasted resources. Website Imagine All the Water takes into account the water spent during the life cycle of certain common products.

The results are surprising and mind boggling to say the least, but they also include the entire life cycle of the product so it may not be as much of a shocker as it seems. For example, the water required for an apple also includes all the time and water needed for it to grow on a tree, be watered and get ready for consumption.

  • Beef – 15,415 liters of water
  • Hamburger – 2,393 liters of water
  • Pizza – 1,216 liters of water
  • Jeans – 9,982 liters of water
  • Shoes – 8,547 liters of water
  • T-Shirt – 2,495 liters of water
  • Rice – 2,497 liters of water
  • Chocolate – 1,720 liters of water
  • Beer – 170 liters of water per pint
  • Cheese – 152 liters of water
  • Coffee – 132 liters of water per cup
  • Apple – 82 liters of water
  • Loaf of Bread – 48 liters of water
  • Paper – 13 liters of water per sheet

It would certainly help if we could tame our water consumption. Of course it is easier said than done, but simple rules of a frugal living could go a long way in saving a lot of our resources, water, and money without drastically affecting our lifestyles.

Via Gizmodo