Lamborghini goes the hybrid route with the hot Lamborghini Asterion


Supercars are awesome, except of the part that they are not usually friends of the environment. While going green is desirable, supercars are expected to deliver high on performance, which unfortunately does not seem entirely possible at the moment by going entirely the green way. Thankfully, efforts are being made to make the supercars better, with performance and environment considerations to boot.

Lamborghini has taken a step in the cleaner direction with its brand new concept, the Asterion LPI 910-4. The supercar concept is a plug-in hybrid, that manages to flaunt a cool 910 hp. Going by the tradition of naming their cars after famous bulls, Lamborghini has named this after the mythical minotaur, a half-man-bull beast.

Power comes from a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that puts out 610 hp. The remaining 300 hp comes from three electric motors that power the car. Each front wheel has a motor to itself, while the third motor is placed between the engine and the gearbox. Energy to drive the motors is stored in a lithium ion battery. To offset the weight that comes with these motors and battery pack, the car makes liberal use of carbon fiber in its construction. Yet, the weight of the supercar comes to about 4000 pounds.

The big news is the fuel efficiency of the new concept. Lamborghini claims that the car needs all of 4.12 liters of gas for a journey of 100 kilometers, which brings its fuel efficiency to a nice 57 miles per gallon. A number like that is quite an achievement for supercar. The Asterion can travel 50 kilometers/30 miles on electric power alone, driving on the two front motors. The maximum speed in the electric mode is 77mph. Using its full power, the car goes from zero to 62 mph in just three seconds and has a top speed of 199mph.

Via Wired/Autopia