Elegant lamps made from old headlights


Vintage objects in modern settings have an inherent charm, if presented to their potential. Vintage and retro vehicles especially would make excellent additions given that several of them were made in a time when form was preferred over function. Well, several of them are seeing a new light thanks to initiatives like these. Berlin based studio Urban Light Factory specializes in creating lamps from the headlights of junked cars, motorcycles and even farm tractors.

Urban Light Factory has lamps available in several popular, and even some unique designs. They can be categorized into tripod-based work lamps or hanging pendants, but each lamp undeniably has a unique influence brought forth by the use of headlights, and the variety of headlights used.

The lamps have been rewired to suit for their current purpose, although the studio has refrained from repainting and fixing the exteriors and appearance of the lamps. The results are a beautiful sets with character and substance. Dings and scratches on the lamps show the life they lived, and the vendor quite helpfully provides a booklet with a history of the lamp, a little biography if you will, to the simple object that a lamp is.

Sticking to the theme of recycling and reuse, the lamps come packed in boxes made from scrap wood. For anyone who has paid even the slightest of attention, packaging is generally a huge waste of materials and energy. Use of wood means the package here can be put to work in other scenarios, and since it is reused wood, it has pretty much done a part of its job already.

The carefully crafted lamps are handmade, and crafted to last for a long time. Should you need to change bulbs, the package includes a set of custom tools that will help you work on the lamp and performs mall repairs, or simply change the bulb. It’s quite a comprehensively crafted system, and a thoughtful approach.

Via Core77