Flying Jellyfish Alien-Like PH Conditioner Skyscraper Would Keep The Air Clean, Acid Free

As concepts go, PH Conditioner Skyscraper is quite up there riding the crazy train. Perhaps not really a crazy train but it does take some interesting liberties. Well, if those things didn’t exist, the world of concepts and designs would get way too bland, minus the colors of imagination. Designed by Hao Tian, Huang Haiyang and Shi Jianwei, the concept looks forward to a not too pleasant future, but it does intend to fight what is wrong with it.

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Bladeless Windmills are Safer, Quieter and Probably Better All Over

Windmills, while a beautiful and wonderful source of renewable energy, come in a package that is not very attractive. The spinning blades aren’t that good for birds, they are noisy, and overall, the maintenance costs can be quite high. For a lot of people, these are the prime reasons that turn them off windmills. With this new design however, most of these reasons simply vanish.

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Macabre Roadkill Fashion Accessories

People do tend to have some (unhealthy) loving for fashion accessories made out of fur, but having an entire dead animal on your person generally manages to eek people out. London-based accessories designer Reid Peppard has often worked with animal parts in creating fashion accessories, and somewhere along the line she seems to have got the idea that dead animals would work very well for the job.

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An Elephant Films Baby Tigers In The Indian Wild

Seen in this video is a frolicking tiger cub, supervised closely by its mother, while an elephant watches on in the wild. Since tigers don’t generally perceive elephants as animals to be hunted, or threat, the two can occasionally hang around. Especially if uncle elephant comes to see the brand new cub that’s barely a few days old. BBC researchers strapped a camera on an elephant and allowed it to capture this video of a tigress and her cubs in India. One of the cubs comes out of the cave, only to be quickly carried back in the strong jaws of the mother.

Via Gizmodo